Ravens getting pushed around

We’ve played 22 minutes, and the Ravens are incredibly lucky to only be down 6-0.

They’ve fumbled twice (both of which have been recovered by the Jets), have had a couple big penalties go against them, and have yet to get into any rhythm offensively whatsoever.

Through the first quarter, the Ravens had five - count ‘em, five - rushing yards. Joe Flacco was running for his life. The new-look offensive line was getting beat off the ball time and time again.

This isn’t the new-look offense that everyone in Baltimore was excited about - it’s the 2008 “Joe Flacco is a rookie” offense.

Luckily for the fans of the purple and black, the defense has hung tough, especially in the red zone. The Jets haven’t been fantastic on the offensive side of the ball, but they’ve done enough, and have earned six hard-fought points.

The Ravens are getting pushed around through a quarter and a half. They knew this game would be an old-school brawl, but they haven’t showed up to the fight.

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