Harbaugh still waiting on his Oregon T-shirt

On Monday, head coach John Harbaugh told reporters that he would be wearing an Oregon jersey or T-shirt later in the week because he lost a bet to rookie tight end Ed Dickson.

Harbaugh and Dickson had put a friendly wager on last Saturday’s Stanford-Oregon game, a contest featuring two top-10 teams with ties to the Ravens. Harbaugh’s brother, Jim, is the coach at Stanford, while Oregon is Dickson’s alma mater.

It’s now Friday, and the Ravens’ head coach has yet to receive his Oregon threads.

“He says tomorrow, he says it’s on order,” Harbaugh said today. “I can’t imagine what this jersey’s going to look like.”

Turns out, it’s not actually a jersey that Dickson will be providing Harbaugh, it’s a specially designed T-shirt which Dickson is getting shipped in just for his head coach.

“I’ve got Oregon jerseys at the house. It’s actually a shirt,” Dickson said. “It’s a shirt that says ‘I Love My Ducks’ on the front. That’s actually a theme that’s been running through Eugene, Orgeon since last year, since the Rose Bowl time. I’ll make sure he has it on and you guys will be ready for it.”

Dickson said that the shirt should arrive tomorrow, but Harbaugh isn’t sure when he’ll get a chance to wear it.

“I’m not wearing it during the game, I don’t think,” Harbaugh said with a laugh.

Harbaugh also lost a bet to defensive tackle Haloti Ngata, another Oregon alum, but their wager didn’t involve any T-shirts. Ngata and his coach went with a cash bet.

Dickson said he’s confident that once the shirt arrives, Harbaugh will follow through on his end of the deal.

“He’s a man of his word, and he’s going to wear the shirt,” Dickson said.

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