McGahee: “I’m happy to be here”

Despite being stuck behind Ray Rice on the depth chart and not seeing the field for a single play last Sunday against the Patriots, running back Willis McGahee is happy he wasn’t shipped to another team prior to yesterday’s NFL trading deadline.

“The trade rumors have been out there for a year and a half now. It is what it is,” McGahee said today. “If they had did it, I couldn’t do anything about it. I’m happy to be here. I like this locker room. It’s a great place.

“My agent said he would let me know if anything was happening. I wasn’t sitting by the phone or watching ESPN. I bought a new Spiderman game.”

Hey, what’s a guy going to do when he’s wondering if he’ll be traded? Might as well go play some Spiderman.

McGahee’s absence from the Patriots game on Sunday led to a lot of speculation. Some thought McGahee would be traded. Others wondered whether the veteran had been benched for violating a team rule or being late to a meeting.

The Ravens have insisted that there weren’t any disciplinary issues involving McGahee, and the running back personally denied the talk of any off-field problems today.

“Why is everybody saying that?” McGahee said. “People think I’m this bad guy that did something. I was on time for everything, all the meetings.”

As for the lack of playing time, McGahee remains the same cool customer that he’s been throughout the last couple seasons as Rice has emerged as the Ravens’ clear-cut starting running back.

“I look at it the same way: If they call my number, I’m going to go out there and play,” McGahee said. “This week, next week, whenever they need me. I took it in stride. I didn’t take it as no slap in the face or anything.”

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