Ravens moving on, but not forgetting the Steel City victory

Both John Harbaugh and Joe Flacco claim that they’ve put their thrilling 17-14 win over the Steelers past them, and they’ve moved on to preparing for this Sunday’s game against the Broncos.

And that’s the truth. That’s how NFL teams have to operate, when the next tough matchup is just six days away.


But seeing the smiles that both the Ravens’ starting quarterback and head coach were wearing during this afternoon’s press conferences with the local media, it’s clear that while the Pittsburgh win might be in the past, it’s definitely not forgotten.

“It was very exciting,” Flacco said today. “It was one of the greatest wins we’ve had since I’ve been here. It was a great win. But, honestly, we’re already moved on. I mean, yeah, we’re excited, and you go out last night with a couple of your buddies, and you sit there and watch the Sunday night game, and talk about it a little bit, but honestly, it’s just another game.

“I’m not lying to you and sitting here and just trying to say stuff that sounds right. Honestly, we’re moved on, man. We’re getting ready for Denver. It was a great win, we’re happy that it turned out the way it did, and [it’s a] new week.”

As has been written here and at numerous other websites and newspapers (which I’m sure you all bypass to come here first), this was a huge win for the Ravens for a number of reasons.

They now have to move on and get ready for Denver, however, because if they don’t, all the momentum coming from Sunday’s win will promptly be gone.

So how quickly do Harbaugh and the Ravens turn from celebrating the win to prepping for the next opponent on the schedule?

“It’s funny, because to come back and do the press conference here, it’s kind of like you’ve got to readjust your mindset, because it’s gone,” Harbaugh said. “So, for the last however many hours, it’s been all Denver, studying their personnel, and there’s a certain process that we all go through. Then, you’ve got to come in here and say, ‘OK, now let me think about this game that we had.’ It was, what, 24 hours ago that it ended, but it seems like 24 days ago, really. And that’s kind of the process.

“We watched the tape [of the Steelers game] in the morning, as coaches, and I think once you get through that, reality sets in a little bit.”

That said, this was the happiest I can recall Harbaugh for a Monday afternoon press conference in his three years with the Ravens.

“I’m proud of the guys,” Harbaugh said. “It was an important win, it was a hard-fought win, and we’re happy about it.”

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