A Blount object

Feel like heading to M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday to catch the Ravens and Bucs?

You’ve got a chance to snag a couple late tickets.

The Buccaneers have returned approximately 250 tickets for this Sunday’s game, which is set to kickoff at 4:15 p.m.

You can purchase tickets through Ticketmaster by calling 410-547-SEAT or by visiting www.BaltimoreRavens.com/tickets.

If you head to the game on Sunday, you’ll have a hard time missing Bucs running back LeGarrette Blount, a 6-foot, 247 pound beast of a back who looks more like a middle linebacker than a back when he throws on the pads.

Blount has emerged as the Buccaneers’ feature back over the last five weeks, and the undrafted rookie got his first start last Sunday against Carolina. He’s averaged over 80 yards per game since the Bucs’ Week 7 win over the Rams, and has three touchdowns over that span as well.

The Ravens have watched plenty of film of this week, and they know the physical style that they’ll be up against.

“He’s a big, physical, one-cut guy,” said linebacker Jarret Johnson. “He’s going to make his move, and then he’s coming downhill. So, I think you’ve got to get to him before he makes that cut. You’ve got to disrupt him in the backfield and can’t let him build his momentum, because you get him around guys that are smaller than him, [and] he’s going to hurt them.”

“I like him, I really do like him,” linebacker Terrell Suggs said. “He’s got a little bit of a thug to him too, a little street. I like feisty backs like that. He’s having a good year. He jumped over a guy, running the ball downhill. I like his style of play. It’s going to be fun to play against that kind of back.”

A handful of Ravens, including head coach John Harbaugh, compared Blount to running back Peyton Hillis, the Browns’ 6-1, 240 pound bruiser.

That’s not a comparison that the Ravens should be eager to make, considering Hillis put up 144 rushing yards and a touchdown on the Ravens back in Week 3.

Suggs thinks that Blount resembles someone else that he’s familiar with.

“He kind of reminds me of me, back when I used to tote that thing back in Hamilton High,” Suggs said. “Go ahead, look it up. He kind of reminds me of myself, what I would do if I was toting that thing. But, Peyton Hillis, he’s a little bit bigger back, but this guy is definitely a big, stout back, and it’s going to be good fun to play against him on Sunday.”

The Ravens didn’t do a good enough job of gang-tackling and wrapping up Hillis back in Week 3. That’s been an emphasis this week as they prepare for Blount.

“When you’ve got a big back like that, you want to wrap up and be physical and all that kind of stuff,” defensive end Paul Kruger said. “As a defender, you’ve got to play to your opponent. If you’re playing a team that throws the ball a million times, you’ve got to work on your pass rush and your pass defense. If you’ve got a huge back who’s running over people, you’ve got to work on that. That’s definitely going to be a focus, and we’ll be ready for it.”

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