Could the Moss soap opera affect the Ravens?

The Ravens avoided Randy Moss the first time when he was traded away by the Patriots just a week prior to Baltimore’s game in New England.

It’s possible, however, that Baltimore will face the All-Pro receiver this Sunday if Moss is claimed off waivers by the Dolphins.

Miami is reportedly considering putting in a claim on Moss, who was shockingly let go by the Vikings yesterday after just four games in Minnesota. Claiming Moss would give the Dolphins another playmaking wideout along with Brandon Marshall, and it would also prevent the wide receiver from returning to the Patriots.


Because of the nature of the waiver process, it’s unclear how likely it is that Moss will be entering M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday in a Dolphins team bus, but it’s certainly a possibility.

For those wondering how the waiver system works, any team can submit a claim on a player, but the claiming priority is handled based on inverse order of the current standings, meaning the team with the worst record gets the first chance at being awarded the player.

Are the Ravens in the mix for Moss?

In a word - no. In two words - heck no.

Baltimore will have too many wide receivers as it is once Donte’ Stallworth returns from his broken foot, and the last thing they need is another wideout who will certainly complain if he doesn’t get his touches. Plus, Moss is not exactly a John Harbaugh “anything for the team” type of guy.

With that said, can you imagine what the public outcry for Moss would have been in the Baltimore area if this situation had come around last year?

Ravens fans would have been begging, pleading, and promising to give up their first born child if GM Ozzie Newsome would have been able to get Moss in a purple and black jersey. There would have been plenty of letters mailed to Ravens headquarters, and probably more than a few uncomfortably emotional phone calls made to sports talk radio stations.

With Boldin, Mason, Houshmandzadeh and Stallworth now here, however, there are no such cries for Moss coming from those in Charm City this week.

Meanwhile, the clear winners in this situation are the Patriots, who scored a third-round pick from the Vikings in return for the disgruntled wide receiver a month ago.

New England is racking up draft picks left and right, and who knows, if none of the teams in the middle of the pack end up putting in a waiver claim on Moss (that does seem unlikely, however), they could end up bringing him back.

If that scenario does end up unfolding, those who consider Bill Belichick to be one of the smartest and craftiest guys in the game would have even more evidence to support their case.

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