A white Christmas in Cleveland seems likely

It’s Dec. 25, which means just one thing: It’s time for my annual family tradition that combines Chinese food and going to see a movie.

Boy, I love the holiday season.

I’d like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and happy holidays. Hope you enjoy spending time with your family and being around those you care about.

And since we’re still very much in the midst of the Ravens’ playoff push, I’ve got more purple and black-themed updates throughout the day.

Head coach John Harbaugh was obviously very interested in how Thursday night’s Panthers-Steelers game would turn out, but as was probably the case with most NFL fans, the 27-3Pittsburgh rout didn’t hold his attention for too long.

“I watched a little bit of it, then I checked in on the score, then I lost interest,” Harbaugh said yesterday.

Sounds about right.

Harbaugh’s team will hope to match the Steelers’ win with a victory of their own on Sunday at Cleveland.

Other than just dealing with the power running style of Peyton Hillis and the kick return ability of Josh Cribbs, the Ravens will have something else they need to prepare for as they make their way into Ohio: the weather.

Weather.com is calling for temperatures in the mid-20s and a 50 percent chance of precipitation in Cleveland on Sunday, which will certainly make things difficult on the kicking game for both teams.

Ravens special teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg is pretty familiar with the playing conditions at the aptly-named Cleveland Browns Stadium, since he ran the Browns’ special teams units from 2001-2006.

“I’ve had some experience there, obviously,” Rosburg said. “It’s one of those deals where you’ve got to show up on game day and then analyze it before the game. But you can count on - this time of year - in the shores of Lake Erie, you’re going to have wind and you’re going to have probably blowing snow. And whatever it says it’s going to be at the airport, it’s going to be worse down by the stadium, so you can count on it.”

Kicker Billy Cundiff and punter Sam Koch will have to adjust to the wind blowing in through the partially-open end of the Browns’ stadium, and whatever snow or icy mixture happens to be falling from the sky and coating the turf.

That shouldn’t be too much of a problem for those two, however. Cundiff was in a Browns jersey for five games prior to joining the Ravens last season, two of which were at Cleveland, while Koch has punted in Cleveland four times in his career.

They’ve played in these type of conditions before, and have experience kicking in Cleveland. It might not be pretty, but you have to believe that these two Pro Bowl candidates will find a way to get the job done.

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