Rice, Flacco not sharing with their friends

On the verge of setting a single-season franchise record for fewest turnovers, the Ravens have Ray Rice and Joe Flacco to thank for their lack of giveaways.

Apparently, both third-year players weren't taught proper manners, because they're clearly not big fans of sharing.

Rice has touched the ball an even 350 times through 15 games this season, and he hasn't fumbled once.

I don't just mean that he hasn't lost a fumble. Rice has not put the ball on the turf a single time this year.

This comes after the Rutgers product lost four fumbles over the Ravens' final seven games last year (including playoffs) and then had another fumble, which was recovered by the Ravens, on one of his 13 preseason touches.

Talking with Rice about his lack of fumbles, he said he came into this season trying to prove that last year's case of fumbilitis was just a temporary disease.

But, the Pro Bowl running back also wanted to make sure he didn't jinx himself by talking about his recent success when it comes to taking care of the football.

"Yeah, where is the wood at? I'm going to go find me some wood [to knock on]," Rice said with a giant smile. "But one thing I've said to myself, and I said at the beginning of the year, that I wasn't a fumbler. I'm used to carrying the ball. You've just got to be conscious of situations that you're in. If you know you don't have to fight for the extra yard, or if you need to go down, put two hands on it.

"We've all made an effort to protect the football. I wouldn't say it's a goal; it's my job to protect the ball."

Flacco, meanwhile, has done a great job protecting the ball after struggling in that area through the first two games of the season.

The Ravens' quarterback threw five interceptions and lost a fumble in the first two games of the year. Since that Week 2 loss to the Bengals (in which he threw four picks), however, Flacco has been much better with his ball security.

He's only thrown four interceptions in the 13 games since the Cincinnati loss, and has lost just three fumbles.

Head coach John Harbaugh said that ball security wasn't something that Flacco has necessarily focused on since the loss to the Bengals, but that the quarterback has just been better in that area since that point.

"I don't think that there was any epiphany that now it's important." Harbaugh said. "Obviously, that cost us in that game. Joe realizes that. I think it's one of Joe's strengths anyway."

Overall, the Ravens have turned the ball over just 18 times this season, three fewer than their previous single-season franchise best. As Harbaugh's team works into the postseason, taking care of the football will obviously be of primary importance.

The way that Sam Koch has been playing this season, a punt isn't necessarily a bad thing. If the Ravens can hold onto the ball and let Koch do his thing, they'll force opposing offenses to put together a long drive and work the full length of the field.

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