Suggs focused on Super Bowl, not sacks

On the verge of tying a career high in the sacks department, Terrell Suggs could be checking the stat sheet every week and talking about his individual numbers with reporters.

Considering the way his 2009 season went - Suggs posted a career-worst 4.5 sacks and struggled to stay healthy and in good playing shape - it'd be tough to blame the eight-year veteran if he reveled in the way he's bounced back this year, registering 11 sacks and two forced fumbles.

But Suggs isn't thinking about the numbers right now, or the fact that with one more sack, he would tie his rookie season mark of 12 sacks.

The Ravens' outside linebacker says the only thing on his mind at this point is getting to Dallas, where the Super Bowl is being held in February.

"I've been in the Pro Bowl and all of that, and had some good seasons and some bad, and I still have no Lombardi Trophy," Suggs said. "That's the only thing that I'm trying to play for. If I can get to (the quarterback) enough and we can win the game, ... the more wins we get, the more chances we have to get to Dallas. That's pretty much it.

"(The sacks total is) fun, it's good, and family is looking at it, but I just need the hardware. I get the hardware, we can talk about it after."

Suggs has seemed to have a bit of a chip resting on his shoulder throughout much of this season after the way he was criticized in the media and by the fans last year.

He heard talk about how he was lazy, how once he signed his six-year, $63 million contract prior to last season he lost the drive and the desire needed to perform at an elite level.

And he took exception to some of that talk. Suggs came into this year leaner, in better shape and ready to prove that the 2009 season was a fluke.

Asked if he feels vindicated now that he's posting one of the best seasons of his career and playing like one of the top pass rushers in the league, Suggs shrugged.

"No," he said simply. "Who cares about last year?"

Suggs' worry at this point is capitalizing on the opportunity that the Ravens have given themselves. Baltimore made the playoffs twice in Suggs' first five seasons with the team, but they failed to win a postseason game until 2008, even though the Ravens won division titles in 2003 and 2006.

That's why, he says, he's just enjoying the ride right now.

"You don't want to let those opportunities pass you by," Suggs said. "It's definitely an opportunity to go on a run and do something special. You've got to take advantage of that and live in the moment."

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