A weekend without the Ravens

For the first time in a long time, football will be played this weekend, and the Ravens won't be a part of it.

That means for once, I'll actually get to kick back on my sofa and watch games with friends. That's the plus side. The down side is that a number of those friends will probably be punching couch cushions in frustration when the Steelers and Jets take the field.

The AFC title game could have been here in Baltimore. 30 more minutes of solid football last Saturday and the Ravens would be hosting Rex Ryan and his troops this evening.

Instead, as linebacker Terrell Suggs said after the loss to Pittsburgh last weekend, "they get to go on and play in the AFC Championship and contend for a Super Bowl, and we go to the couch."

The Ravens know how close they were to something special. The fact that the Jets beat the Patriots and the AFC Championship game would have been here in Baltimore only makes the loss that much more painful.

"We talked about it. The opportunity to host that championship game was something our guys had talked about, and we wanted to try to get done," head coach John Harbaugh said. "We weren't able to hold up our end of it. I feel bad for our players, coaches, fans - especially the fans.

"That would have been a great, great thing, and we need to make that happen."

I'd imagine very few Ravens fans out there are rooting for the Black and Yellow today, although I could be wrong. Some might not want to see the brash, trash-talking Jets move on any further.

Personally, I'd like to see Rex, Bart Scott and Jim Leonhard and take home a ring, but that's just me.

Put me down for Packers and Jets wins today. Too much Aaron Rodgers, too much Jets defense. I'm predicting at least seven Jets sacks and another dominating performance out of that defensive unit.

Enjoy the games (as much as possible) everybody.

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