A Zbikowski update and weather preview

Third-year safety Tom Zbikowski returned to practice last week after missing the previous three games with a bulging disc in his back, and while he wasn’t yet 100 percent, he had hoped to play Sunday against the Chiefs.

That didn’t end up happening, as Zbikowski was declared a gameday inactive yet again.

This week, however, the Notre Dame product feels like he has his legs under him a bit more, and is more confident that he’ll be able to suit up Saturday against the Steelers.

“Yeah, it’s feeling good,” Zbikowski said. “Coach made the right decision this week. It feels good but after being out for so long, I know the coaches can’t take much of a chance. It’s feeling good right now.

“We’ll see what happens. Got to keep practicing, keep feeling better and show that I can play.”

Meanwhile, Weather.com is predicting a “few snow showers” in Pittsburgh on Saturday. They’re currently calling for a 30 percent chance of precipitation.

To me, the thought of the Ravens and Steelers playing the NFL’s hardest hitting rivalry in the playoffs and in the snow just makes me smile. That’s the way it should be.

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh agrees.

“Yeah, it would be fitting,” Harbaugh said. “We would welcome a lot of snow. (I’m) pretty sure they’ll get the field cleared off, but we don’t really care.”

Harbaugh then made reference to Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell’s comments a few weeks ago that “we’re becoming a nation of wussies” because the NFL postponed the Vikings-Eagles game that would have taken place during a blizzard.

“I’m pretty sure they won’t be canceling the game in Pittsburgh if the governor has anything to say about it,” Harbaugh said, drawing laughs from the assembled media. “So we’re looking forward (to it). We play at 4:30; we’ll be there.”

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