Chiefs enter postseason coming off a dud

Ravens fans might be frustrated with the way their team limped into the playoffs with two close, sloppy wins over mediocre opponents. But the Ravens have nothing on the Chiefs when it comes to frustrating finishes to the regular season.

Kansas City got demolished by the Raiders 31-10 on Sunday, spoiling the Chiefs’ previously spotless home record, bumping them down to the No. 4 seed and leaving them without any momentum going into postseason play.

I’d say that trumps the two less than convincing wins that Ravens fans have been taking issue with.

The Chiefs struggled in nearly every facet of the game last weekend.

They gave up 344 total yards, including a whopping 209 on the ground, and allowed Oakland to convert 46 percent of its third down opportunities.

Kansas City quarterback Matt Cassel went a disgusting 11-of-33 for 115 yards, no touchdowns and two interceptions, one of which was returned for a TD. That was good for a 19.1 quarterback rating.

Overall, the Chiefs only managed 201 yards of offense, and they allowed seven sacks on the afternoon.

And this was in a game that Kansas City needed to win to secure the No. 3 seed and a first-round game against the Jets, the team for whom they had reportedly been preparing.

Asked on his conference call today about the Chiefs’ performance on Sunday, Kansas city head coach Todd Haley said he has to hope their effort against the Raiders won’t carry into Sunday’s game against the Ravens.

“Well, I don’t know. We’ll find out on Sunday,” Haley said. “They were out there practicing today and working. This is new for our team for the most part. We’ve got some guys with some experience at this stage of the season, but not a lot. We’re a team in transition that wasn’t a very good team for a period of time that is trying to change that and make progress, but we’re not there yet and we’ve got a lot of work to do. Each and every one of these experiences is big for our team and its development.

“We’ll see. That was a difficult loss to a division rival, and we’ve got to bounce back.”

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