Enough talk, let's play

About half an hour from now, all the talk will be done.

World War III, Armageddon, all that stuff will be over, and we'll get to see some actual football.

Thank goodness.

Heinz Field is starting to fill up, and the pregame intensity is increasing, even here in the press box.

I see Ray Rice dancing around and moving well during pregame drills, showing all his usual pregame swagger. That's a good sign for the Ravens after he came down with an illness yesterday.

Fullback Le'Ron McClain went over to a few Steelers fans in the front row behind the Ravens' end zone and started talking trash, as per his pregame routine. McClain always seeks out a few opposing fans and gives them the business before the game, and tells them he'll be back to talk some more after the Ravens get the W.

We'll see if that works out for him today.

Billy Cundiff was booming his field goals in pregame warm-ups, hitting from 49 toward the closed end of the stadium. The wind is swirling here at Heinz Field, but Cundiff looks good and comfortable a bit ago.

The Ravens are wearing their white jerseys and black pants today, while the Steelers are in their black jerseys and yellow pants.

Should be lots of fun today. Enjoy it, everybody.

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