Hello from the Steel City

I’m smack-dab in the middle of Steelers country after landing in Pittsburgh about an hour and a half ago, and there is black and gold everywhere throughout this city.

Seriously. Everywhere.

Pittsburgh residents of all ages are draped in Steelers jerseys, my cab driver was decked out in a gold hat and scarf, and a giant model of a dinosaur in the Pittsburgh airport had about an eight foot wide Terrible Towel hanging from its arms.

Is arms the right word? Paws? I’m going to need a ruling here.

There’s already a good inch or two of snow on the ground, and it’s damn cold, which makes for a perfect Ravens-Steelers atmosphere.

They’re predicting more snow tomorrow, and it looks like it’ll be falling throughout the game, which should only add to the drama.

Weather.com is currently calling for a 70 percent chance of snow tomorrow afternoon, and 10-15 mph winds will be blowing throughout the day, so that might make it tougher on both teams to have success airing it out, and could also make things interesting in the kicking game.

Strangely enough, Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff might have as much experience kicking at Heinz Field as Steelers place kicker Shaun Suisham, who only has four home games under his belt since signing with Pittsburgh back in Week 11.

I’ve already heard the Wiz Khalifa song “Black and Yellow” three times since I’ve been here (twice in the cab, once on someone’s iPhone in my hotel lobby), so I’m assuming that’s become something of a Steelers anthem.

On a separate note, there’s some type of Pennsylvania little league baseball convention being held at my hotel, so I’ve had screaming 10-year olds running up and down the hallways past my room for the last 45 minutes.

Time for me to get out of here and go grab something to eat in order to stay sane. I hear Primanti Bros. sandwiches are the Pittsburgh staple, but I might save that for a pregame meal tomorrow.

Less than 24 hours to go, everybody. I’ll check in with you tomorrow morning.

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