Reed will return to Ravens when he’s ready

Still dealing with the disappearance of his younger brother, Ed Reed flew down to Louisiana after yesterday’s 30-7 win over the Chiefs to be with his family, and Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said today that the team will let Reed decide when he’s ready to return to practice.

Brian Reed, 29, still has not been found after jumping into the Mississippi River in an attempt to elude police on Friday. Authorities have since called off the search.

As the Ravens prepare to face the Steelers in the divisional round of the playoffs this Saturday, they’re without their seven-time Pro Bowl safety for now. Harbaugh is unsure of when exactly Ed Reed will return.

“We’ve left that up to Ed,” Harbaugh said. “I know Ed knows this team (the Steelers) inside and out. We haven’t talked to him yet today, so I think it’s going to depend on the circumstances down there, what he feels he needs to do with his family.

“But we’ll give him a lot of leeway with that.”

The Ravens gave Reed and his family a game ball after their win over the Chiefs, and players showed their support for their teammate following the win.

“Who’s a better teammate than Ed Reed?” linebacker Terrell Suggs told reporters after the game yesterday. “He didn’t have to play today but he chose to play. It was the simple fact that we wanted to give him three hours of peace.

“We were like, ‘We’re going to have fun out here. We are going to let [go of] everything that we are dealing with and will deal with it after the game, together.’ Just kind of how we’ve been doing it so far. It definitely was an emotional win for him and the rest of us, too. We really wanted to play for him and have fun with him, just kind of give him peace, put his mind at ease for a little bit.”

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