Rice says he’ll play against Steelers despite illness

Ray Rice reportedly spent a good portion of Friday vomiting at the Ravens’ team hotel here in Pittsburgh, and for a while, there was some uncertainty about whether the Pro Bowl running back would be able to play this afternoon against the Steelers because of his illness.

Worry no more, Ravens fans. Rice says he’s playing.

Rice took to his Twitter account just a little bit ago, and wrote that he is “Feeling a lot better” today.

When someone (that someone was DC-born rapper Wale) asked Rice if he would be ready to go against Pittsburgh, the Ravens’ running back replied in the affirmative.

“I got u bro gametime at 4:30 I will be ready,” Rice wrote.

A crisis appears averted in Pittsburgh, at least for now.

UPDATE: Rice sent out one more Tweet, just in case there was any confusion.

“To clear it all up I will be playing today ain’t no questionable or none of that I’m good,” he wrote.

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