Salt in the Ravens’ wound

Really? The Ravens would have been hosting the AFC championship game next weekend?


The Jets’ shocking road upset over the Patriots tonight means that the Steelers will host Rex Ryan and company in the conference title game next weekend.

And as if the loss yesterday in Pittsburgh doesn’t sting enough on its own, we now know that if the Ravens had held on and beaten the Steelers last night, then they would have played the Jets for a spot in the Super Bowl here in Baltimore.

That sure seems, to me at least, like salt in an open wound.

Fullback Le’Ron McClain seems to agree.

“We would of been at home!!!! This (expletive) sucks,” McClain wrote on his Twitter account.

Meanwhile, while the Pats’ loss might leave most Ravens shaking their heads wondering what could have been, one member of the Baltimore defense is thrilled with the outcome at Gillette Stadium tonight.

That someone is Terrell Suggs, who, as we know by now, is not a huge fan of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Look like tommy wll be with me,” Suggs wrote on his Twitter account right after the Patriots’ loss.

“I wonder what all them “RATS” fans sayin now???????? talk about choke artist!!!!!” he added.

On a separate note, Ryan, the former Ravens defensive coordinator, has now won four playoff games (all on the road) in two seasons as Jets head coach, and has his team in its second straight AFC championship game.

He does a lot of talking, that’s for sure, but so far, he’s backed it up. The question now is if he can get one more road win and take the next step.

Seeing as how he’ll be facing the Steelers, I think a lot of people in the Baltimore area will be pulling for him.

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