Two of Suggs' friends won't play in Pro Bowl

When Terrell Suggs heads to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl next weekend, two of his buddies will be missing from the AFC roster.

Ravens safety Ed Reed has been replaced on the roster by the Titans' Michael Griffin. Reed has chosen not to play in the Pro Bowl because of injury and family reasons.

Reed battled through rib and hip injuries this season, and also played the Ravens' two playoff games while dealing with a family tragedy. His younger brother went missing Jan. 7 after jumping into the Mississippi River to elude police and has not been found.

Suggs will surely miss his teammate in Hawaii. He might be less disappointed to hear that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will also not be attending the Pro Bowl.

Brady, who Suggs probably views as his top rival in the NFL, is reportedly scheduled to have surgery to repair a stress fracture in his right foot. As a result, he will not play in the Pro Bowl, and will be replaced by Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel.

Yes, the same Cassel who went 9-of-18 for 70 yards and three interceptions against the Ravens in the wild card round of the playoffs two weeks ago. Welcome to the Pro Bowl, Matt.

I was seriously looking forward to seeing how Suggs would react to having Brady on his Pro Bowl team. The Ravens linebacker spent a lot of time this year talking about how Brady gets special treatment from the league and the referees, and then after the Patriots were bounced from the playoffs last weekend, Suggs celebrated via Twitter.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Look like tommy wll be with me," Suggs wrote on his Twitter account after the Patriots' loss.

Now, we won't get the pleasure of watching Suggs and Brady interact (or not) during practices and on gameday.

There's one less reason for me to actually watch the Pro Bowl now.

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