Two questions remain for Ravens

With the Steelers up 78,000-3 over the Browns - I'm sorry, 31-3 - the Ravens' shot at a division title appears to be gone.

There are now two questions:

1. Will the Ravens face the Colts, Chiefs or Jaguars next weekend; and 2. Will John Harbaugh pull his starters in the second half?

The answer to the first question could hinge on the Chiefs-Raiders game, which Oakland currently leads 10-3 at halftime.

If the Chiefs lose and the Colts beat the Titans later this afternoon, the Ravens would travel to Kansas City for their first-round matchup.

Should the Chiefs come back and earn the win, they would lock themselves in as the No. 3 seed and would face the Jets. The Ravens would then face either the Colts or Jaguars - whichever team ends up winning the AFC South.

As for the second question, Harbaugh said this week that he was going to play his starters for the full game this afternoon regardless of what was going on in the Steelers-Browns game.

We'll see whether the Ravens' head coach was being truthful. There's no real reason to leave the starters in at this point, as this game means nothing assuming the Steelers hang on and beat Cleveland.

Harbaugh said that his top goal today was beating the Bengals. If that's the truth, Joe Flacco, Ray Rice and company will stay in the game. If not, they might be getting a rest in the second half.

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