Do you want Plaxico?

Last year right around this time, I wrote up an entry asking everyone if they wanted the Ravens to sign wide receiver Donte’ Stallworth.

At the time, Stallworth had just been reinstated by commissioner Roger Goodell after a year-long suspension for killing a pedestrian while driving drunk.

A week after my informal poll, the Ravens signed Stallworth to a one-year contract - although you might have forgotten about that given how little he was utilized this season.

While Stallworth didn’t make much of an impact on the field during the 2010 campaign, the fact that the Ravens signed the veteran wide receiver showed that they’re willing to take a chance on a guy who has gone through off-field issues if they feel that doing so is in the best interest of the organization.

With that in mind, I’m initiating another survey of sorts.

Here’s the question of the day: Would you want the Ravens to sign Plaxico Burress?

Like Stallworth, Burress made a mistake away from the field which put his NFL career on hold. The 6-foot-5 wide receiver has spent nearly a year and a half in jail after an incident in which he shot himself in the leg at a club while carrying a handgun in the waistband of his sweatpants.

Sweatpants at a club? Really?

I bring Burress’ name up now for two reasons - he’s scheduled to be released from prison on June 6, and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, tweeted over the weekend that he visited Burress in jail, and the free agent wide receiver looks like he’s in great shape.

Of course, that bit of news is coming from Burress’ agent, who has an interest in making his client as desirable as possible right now. Don’t think you’d see a tweet from Rosenhaus saying Burress is in mediocre shape and has spent the last 18 months pounding donuts.

Burress has had his share of off-field issues, namely this most recent one involving the sweatpants shooting, but you can’t deny that when he’s on his game, he’s one heck of a football player.

In his last full season - which came in 2007 - Burress posted 1,025 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns, and over the course of his nine-year career, he’s averaged over 15 yards per catch and amassed nearly 8,000 receiving yards.

The Ravens are very much in need of a big-bodied deep threat who can provide Joe Flacco with a target down the field, and Plaxico looks like he could be the perfect fit.

Asked about Burress a few weeks ago, head coach John Harbaugh said that the Ravens would consider signing the Michigan State product, but the team would clearly need to determine whether Burress has grown from this experience.

The Ravens went through this process a year ago and decided that Stallworth was worthy of a second chance. It’s possible that they make that same decision with Burress.

I’ll put this on you - if you were running the Ravens’ front office, would you sign Burress?

Would you be willing to move on from the club shooting and hope that Burress has a Michael Vick type bounce-back season in Baltimore? Or would you take a pass and look for wide receiver help elsewhere?

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