Playing the odds

According to the NFL, last night’s Super Bowl was the most-watched TV show ever, totaling 162.9 million viewers.

I wonder what that number dropped to during the horrendous Black Eyed Peas halftime show. If it was over 162,000, FOX execs should consider themselves lucky.

What are the chances that the Ravens are the team celebrating under the falling confetti next year, hoisting the Lombardi Trophy as the last team standing? has set the odds of that happening at 14-to-1.

The Ravens have been given the fifth-best odds of winning Super Bowl XLVI, ranking them behind the Packers (7-to-1), Patriots (8-to-1), Steelers (10-to-1) and Chargers (12-to-1).

Like the Ravens, the Colts and Saints both were given 14-to-1 odds of taking home the 2011-2012 title by Bodog.

Now we just have to hope there is a 2011-2012 season.

There’s a chance that last night’s Packers-Steelers game was the last NFL action we’ll see in quite a while. The current collective bargaining agreement is set to expire in less than a month, and if a new CBA isn’t in place by March 4, the owners will lock the players out.

That means no free agency, no trades, and no offseason workouts until an agreement is reached.

The NFL scouting combine will still be held in late-February, and the Draft will still take place from April 28-30. But if a deal isn’t reached before the deadline, there’s a chance we’re without actual football for a while.

If you were wondering what the odds are of a lockout, Bodog has you covered there as well. They believe there’s a better chance of a work stoppage than there is a pre-March 4 agreement.

The line for a lockout has been set at 1-to-3.

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