Some Twitter talk

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Roch Kubatko and Steve Melewski to the Twitter world.

I spent part of this morning talking with’s two Orioles writers and helping them through the ins and outs of their Twitter pages and how to update from their phones.

As spring training approaches, be sure to follow both of those guys for all of the latest O’s news - and of course, the requisite “that’s what she said” jokes from Roch.

I’m expecting at least one a day.

And if you’re a Nats fan,’s Ben Goessling will have you covered on everything from Nats spring training in Viera.

While we’re on the topic of Twitter (and make sure you follow me, if you aren’t already), something interesting came across the social media platform yesterday from Ravens wide receiver Donte’ Stallworth.

There was a report last week that some Ravens players had an issue with the length of practices in the week leading up to the playoff game against the Steelers.

The report states that it got to the point that some guys threatened to go to the players’ union or the media to complain about the practices, which came during a short week after Baltimore’s win over the Chiefs earlier that week.

In a tweet yesterday, Stallworth responded to that claim.

“Reports that Harbaugh put us through hard practices late in year/post season are utterly erroneous! EVERY player will attest to that,” Stallworth wrote.

That’s one player’s take, just for what it’s worth.

I guess that’s the Twitter age for ya. You report something, and can get instant player - and sometimes manager - feedback. Welcome aboard, Mr. Kubatko and Mr. Melewski.

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