No knockout for Zbikowski, but he stays undefeated

Fighting last night in his third professional boxing match, Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski needed to put in a little more work than he had the previous two times he’d stepped inside the ring as a pro.


Still, he came away with another victory.

Zbikowski went the full four rounds with his opponent, Caleb “True Grit” Grummet, last night before getting a win by unanimous decision. Zbikowski now sits at 3-0 overall.

The fight last night provided a contrast to Zbikowski’s previous two bouts, in which he had put away his overmatched opponents in short order. Back in 2006, Zbikowski knocked out Robert Bell in 49 seconds, and just two weeks ago, he sent Richard Bryant to the canvas at 1:45.

As was the case in those other two fights, Zbikowski - who fought at 195 pounds - was giving up size to his opponent last night. Grummet, a former cage fighter, weighed in at 215 pounds.

Grummet apparently didn’t have very high expectations for himself last night; he told reporters afterwards, “I didn’t come here to win the fight. I just came to fight.”

I guess the guy was just bored sitting at home and was looking for something to do.

Zbikowski won’t be celebrating his win for long. According to multiple reports, the Ravens safety will continue his rapid-fire streak of fights by taking to the ring yet again in late-April near the Dallas area.

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