One extension leads to another

One extension has resulted in ... another extension.

The NFL owners and players’ union used yesterday’s 24-hour extension of the collective bargaining agreement deadline to negotiate a second extension. This one will last seven days, making the new CBA deadline next Friday at 5 p.m.

Seven more days to talk about negotiating sessions and a possible lockout. Lovely.

The owners and players will have a chance to regroup over the weekend, then can reconviene on Monday and pick up negotiations. It appears that the two sides have made progress over the last two days, but it’s still unclear how close they are to reaching an agreement. Depending on who you hear from, the sides are either still miles apart or are getting closer to a deal.

Teams will reportedly not be able to make any transactions during this seven-day period, so all the roster activity which had been allowed previously will come to a halt.

A deal is not finalized yet, so the extension isn’t the news that we were hoping for. But seven more days of negotiations is better than a lockout, right?

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