Athletic QB Tyrod Taylor comes to Ravens in 6th round

With last year’s backup quarterback, Marc Bulger, not expected to return next season, the Ravens wanted to select a quarterback at some point in the 2011 draft.

They got one, but the question is whether he’ll stay a quarterback at the pro level.

Said quarterback is Virginia Tech’s Tyrod Taylor, a pure athlete who could evolve into a wide receiver in the NFL. Taylor went through the pre-draft process auditioning only as a quarterback, but some teams reportedly consider him as a versatile guy who could best be used in a spot other than under center.

That said, Taylor’s passing numbers improved each season at Virginia Tech. His senior year, he threw for 2,743 yards and 24 touchdowns, while tossing just five interceptions. He also added 659 rushing yards and five touchdowns on the ground.

Taylor doesn’t really have the build of a traditional NFL quarterback (he’s 6-foot-1, 217 lbs.), and his accuracy has come into question. Scouts also believe he telegraphs too many of his throws.

But he’s considered a good character guy and hard worker. We’ll just have to wait and see at what position he gets most of his work.

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