Ravens will not get compensation for botched trade with Bears

The Ravens hoped to receive compensation stemming from their trade snafu (I just love using that word) with the Bears, but that won't be happening.

According to reports, the NFL recommended that the Bears give the Ravens some reparation for the failed trade last night, but Chicago declined. They were not obligated to hand anything over, and thus, did not do so.

Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome admitted earlier tonight that the Ravens had indeed contacted the league about the incident Thursday night, in which Baltimore thought they had a trade agreement with Chicago. The Bears did not call the deal in to the league, and so the trade did not go down.

Looks like this matter has come to an end, and the Ravens will have the same number of picks going into Day Three of the draft that they would have if they'd never talked shop with Chicago in the first place.

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