Reports: Ravens believe they're owed Bears' fourth-round pick

When they were on the clock with the No. 26 overall pick last night, the Ravens thought they had a deal in place with the Bears that would bring back the 29th overall pick as well as Chicago's fourth-round selection.

As we're all well aware by now, that deal didn't happen. The Bears never called the trade in to the league, and so it never became an official deal.

Bears general manager Jerry Angelo said last night that he called the Ravens and apologized for the mishap, but I was told that the Ravens were still steaming about Chicago not following through on their end of the deal.

Apparently, those feelings didn't dissipate overnight.

According to multiple reports, the Ravens are appealing to the league that the Bears owe them a draft pick as a result of the botched trade.

They believe they should get that fourth-rounder that would have come back to them, and will ask the NFL to help them retrieve it.

I don't believe there's any precedent here, and frankly, would be surprised if the Ravens get anything back from Chicago as a result of this incident. The NFL isn't the type of business where teams apologize for mistakes by handing picks over to competing teams, and it would be tough for the league to rule that a trade had officially been agreed to and then the Bears had backed out.

But I guess it's worth a shot.

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