Tyrod Taylor: “I think I’m the most dynamic quarterback in the draft”

Now that things have calmed down here for a couple minutes as we wait for the Ravens to make their seventh-round, and final, selection in the draft, I wanted to pass along some comments from Tyrod Taylor, the Virginia Tech quarterback whom the Ravens selected with their sixth-round pick (180th overall).

Taylor’s known as a quarterback that often looks to escape the pocket and make things happen with his feet, a playing style might remind Ravens fans of Troy Smith. Taylor seems to share Smith’s confidence, as well.

“I believe that I can do it all. I think I’m the most dynamic quarterback in this draft,” Taylor said in a conference call with the Baltimore media. “I have the ability to move the pocket and keep the play alive, and I also have the ability to stand in the pocket and make every throw they ask for.”

Some teams have reportedly looked at Taylor as a future NFL wide receiver, or as a guy that could line up in the shotgun and run the wildcat formation.

Taylor says he’ll listen if the Ravens ask him to learn a new position, but he’s under the impression that he’ll come into camp battling for a roster spot as a quarterback.

“I guess that’s between me and the coaches,” Taylor said. “With the talk that I had with them around the time they selected me, everything was quarterback talk. They were excited about the type of quarterback I am and what I bring to the game.

“If those questions come up, that’s between me and the coaches, and we’ll deal with it when it happens. But right now, I’m looking forward to learning and going in and competing as a quarterback.”

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