Zbikowski reportedly failed drug test after boxing match

Up until today, Tom Zbikowski’s professional boxing career had been a pretty smooth ride.

The Ravens safety is 4-0 as a boxer, he’d been dominating his opponents (he has three first-round TKOs in those four fights), and he had Hall of Famer Emmanuel Steward in his corner training him.


This afternoon, however, reports came out that Zbikowski failed a drug test prior to a fight he participated in on Saturday in Thackerville, Oklahoma. Zbikowski has been suspended for 45 days as a result of the failed drug test, pending a second test.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the drug in question is marijuana or, more specifically, THC.

“We’re appealing it,” Zbikowski’s manager, Mike Joyce, told the Sun-Times. “After the fight, all the fighters tested were positive. They had you pee in a cup and put a strip of something in there. I’ve never seen results where you get them the day of the fight. It was like a home pregnancy test or something.

“He’s taken all sorts of tests for the NFL and he’s never tested positive ... ever,” Joyce said.

If the suspension holds up, Zbikowski’s next two scheduled fights - May 21 and June 4, both in California - would be canceled.

Now, because the NFL is currently in a lockout (well, sort of), players cannot be drug tested by the league. It is still possible, however, that the league could view Zbikowski’s positive test under a boxing commission as reason to punish the Ravens safety as part of the NFL’s own substance-abuse policy.

Therefore, both of Zbikowski’s professional sports careers could take a hit because of this mess.

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