Zbikowski's boxing suspension lifted; football future uncertain

After a few days of chaos, Tom Zbikowski's boxing world is settled.

For the time being, at least.

Zbikowski had his 45-day boxing suspension for testing positive for marijuana lifted today, his attorney/manager told MASNsports.com. Zbikowski had tested positive on Saturday, following a fight in Thackersville, Oklahoma, but his camp sent a clean "more in-depth" drug test in to the boxing commission, and the suspension was lifted.

"He's glad to have his reputation restored," Mike Joyce said in a phone interview. "He would never risk an NFL career or his boxing career by putting any banned or illegal substances into his body."

Now, the question is what Zbikowski does from here. With the news that the NFL will allow players to begin working out at team facilities tomorrow, the Ravens safety will need to decide whether he will head back to football, or continue with boxing in preparation for his next fight, scheduled for June 4.

Zbikowski has been in contact with some of his teammates, and will take their plans into account when deciding his course of action.

"He's up in the air on that," Joyce said. "He's waiting to hear back from some team leaders. He looks to Eddie Reed as his guide, so whatever the players decide, he's a team player. He's juiced to go back into football, but he's just getting back to where he's in boxing shape.

"There still may be an opportunity for the June 4 (fight), it all depends on what the judge rules. There's a lot of uncertainty out there right now, but he wants to be a starter in the league more than anything."

As a restricted free agent, Zbikowski isn't technically under contract, even if the lockout situation is resolved. That could give him some leeway to continue fighting, but Joyce said that Zbikowski will put football ahead of boxing if it comes down to one or the other.

"Football is top priority," Joyce said. "He stands to make a lot more money in one football season than he stands to make in one boxing match. Football is his priority."

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