Harbaugh brothers almost make a deal

John and Jim Harbaugh are the first pair of brothers to ever serve as head coaches in the NFL at the same time.

They were almost the first pair of head coaching brothers to complete a trade with each other, as well.

After the Ravens selected Indiana wide receiver Tandon Doss with their fourth-round pick (123 overall) on Saturday, John Harbaugh came down to the media room for a chat with reporters.

During that talk, the Ravens’ head coach revealed that the pick used to select Doss could have been shipped to the 49ers as part of a Harbaugh-to-Harbaugh trade.

“We actually talked about a trade this round, but it didn’t work out,” John Harbaugh said. “Apparently in our mind, they wanted too much, and in their mind, we wanted too much. So, it didn’t work out.

“(Jim and I) couldn’t straighten it out, as usual.”

Ravens’ senior vice president of public relations Kevin Byrne then suggested that the brothers call their dad, Jack, to get him to settle the issue. Harbaugh smiled and said that might not be the best idea.

“You know what he used to do, he used to grab us by our heads and clunk our foreheads together,” Harbaugh said. “They don’t allow that anymore, I don’t think. That’s abuse nowadays.”

All Stooges punishments aside, John Harbaugh said he kept tabs on his brother’s selections throughout the draft, and the two found time to talk about different players during the day on Friday. According to Harbaugh, the draft played out so that neither brother felt the need to keep much information hidden from the other.

“The nice thing is, for whatever reason, we didn’t cross any wires where talking about somebody was an issue,” Harbaugh said.

I can’t imagine that will be the case every draft, but at least for one year, a draft went in the books without any Harbaugh brotherly issues.

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