Evans ready to push for a postseason run in Baltimore

Lee Evans has played seven seasons in the NFL. In that time, he hasn't sniffed the playoffs once.

Following yesterday's trade that sent Evans from the playoff-starved Bills to the Ravens, the 30-year-old receiver is now on a team that has been to the second-round of the postseason three years in a row.

And he seems pretty pleased about that.

"I've been in the league for (seven) years now, and haven't been (to the postseason) yet. So, coming to a franchise like this, I was excited about it, as fired up as I could be," Evans said. "I just want to do anything I can to do my part to help them get there.

"I was very excited to come here and be a part of something special. Obviously, this has been a very historic franchise, a winning organization, and I just want to come in and do my part, and do anything I can do to help them win."

In need of a speedy, proven wide receiver to slot in behind Anquan Boldin and in front of rookies Torrey Smith and Tandon Doss on the depth chart, the Ravens dealt a fourth-round pick to Buffalo in return for Evans yesterday.

Evans got word of the trade as he was preparing to fly with the Bills out to Chicago for tonight's preseason opener. He quickly hopped a 7 p.m. flight to Baltimore, passed his physical at team headquarters this morning, and was out on the field taking part in practice this afternoon.

"He was quick today," head coach John Harbaugh said. "He made some plays. I'm sure he and Joe (Flacco) and Anquan were talking to each other and kind of getting him on the right routes. But he didn't miss a beat. He acted like he knew what we were doing and he's been in a meeting for about 10 minutes. It's not like he had any of the plays. It was kind of backyard communication.

"It's a credit to him and a credit to the guys who were telling him what to do. So that was positive."

Watching Evans run routes, his speed jumps out at you. The former first-round pick might have eight years of NFL football under his belt, but he still gets off the line of scrimmage quickly and runs like he's got a 22-year-old's legs.

"Obviously, one of my biggest attributes is speed," Evans said. "So, just being able to get down the field, stretch the defense, and Q (Boldin) is as dynamic as they come, so open some things up for him and let him control it."

While the Bills had plenty of offensive turnover at key spots both on the field and in the front office in the last handful of years, Evans knows he's entering an organization where things on the offense - at least in the crucial positions - are much less likely to change.

Flacco is clearly set as the Ravens' starting quarterback, and while Cam Cameron's job security has come into question at times in the last year, he's going into his fourth season as offensive coordinator. Evans says having established guys in those spots is refreshing.

"It's been a whirlwind in Buffalo with different coordinators and quarterbacks," Evans said. "To come into a stable situation, it builds confidence that I can continue to get better every day."

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