Evans slowly finding comfort zone a week after trade

When Lee Evans takes the field at M&T Bank Stadium for tomorrow's preseason game against the Chiefs, it'll mark exactly one week since the wide receiver was traded to the Ravens from Buffalo.

In that time, the wideout says he's started to settle in and feel comfortable with his new organization.

There's just one problem, however - it's taking a little time for Evans to pick up the Ravens' offensive terminology.

"The terminology is not similar at all (to the Bills' system)," Evans said with a laugh. "Completely different. The only thing I'm going on is I ran a similar system before, about four years ago, so some of the things are familiar. I'm just trying to get adjusted to everything else. It's different words, different codes, different ways they do things, so I'm just trying to get a handle on that, and once I do, it should be OK."

Often times, the biggest hurdle a player has to overcome when he joins a new team is not necessarily learning the playbook (overall offensive or defensive schemes can be similar from team to team, and collegiate and previous pro experience gives most players a base knowledge they can work off), but learning the terminology.

The way teams call their plays, make pre-snap adjustments and run their silent audibles can vary dramatically, and it sometimes can take players weeks to get used to how their new squad operates in that area.

As Evans starts to get all that down, he says his comfort level rises.

"I think every day has been a process," Evans said. "The whirlwind is starting to slow down a little bit, and just getting acclimated to things. It's still a process, but I think we're working in the right direction."

Evans' speed has been on full display in the week he's been in Ravens camp. The 30-year-old can still turn on the jets and blow by defensive backs, and quarterback Joe Flacco has hit him on a couple big plays down the field during drills.

Building up a chemistry with Flacco is another of the things on Evans' "to-do list," but the wide receiver knows that on-field rapport between a quarterback and his wide receiver isn't something that develops right away.

"It's all about taking steps in the right direction, communicating, and understanding what each other is looking for," Evans said. "I think we're getting to that point. You look at Joe, like I've said before, he's probably the best quarterback I've played with. Drew Bledsoe was great, but Joe's young and real energetic. So, it's a growing process.

"You can't say it's going to happen in a week, two weeks. I think where we are right now, and where we'll be in a week will be better. Then where we'll be in two, three, four weeks, and throughout the season, it'll be a growing process. You don't force things now, you let them come naturally, and I think it'll be there when the time is right."

As for tomorrow, Evans says he isn't sure how much playing time he'll see against the Chiefs, but despite having just five practices with his new team, Evans considers himself ready for some game action.

"I definitely know enough (of the offense)," Evans said. "I was out at practice with no meeting time, and in that case, Joe and Q (Anquan Boldin) and all those guys, they helped me out. So, I'm to a point now where I'm comfortable with things, a lot more comfortable with the language, and going out there and playing, I'll be able to do that."

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