Halftime notes as Ravens trail Redskins 21-14

Here are a handful of quick-hit notes as the Ravens trail the Redskins 21-14 after 30 minutes of play:

- How many times have “speedy, big-play” wide receivers made their way to Baltimore only to fail to deliver big plays? I can count quite a few. Through two games, however, Lee Evans has looked like the real deal. Evans made three catches for 68 yards in his Ravens debut last week, and through the first half tonight, he’s made two grabs for 49 yards, including a beautiful 35-yard touchdown reception on a go-route. This guy truly looks like he might bring the vertical element to the Baltimore, unlike many other fast wideouts we’ve seen in purple and black over the years.

- Joe Flacco cannot telegraph passes as badly as he did on that interception early in the first quarter. Flacco stared down Anquan Boldin from the second he got the snap, and when Boldin came out of his break, Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall jumped the route and the ball was there waiting for him. This might be the preseason, but you never want to see your quarterback throw a ball like that.

- I’ll say this: after Flacco threw that pick, he settled down, especially when he had time to throw. Flacco was thrown around like a rag doll on more than a couple occasions, but on plays that he had time to survey the field, he made good decisions with the football. He finished the half 12-of-20 for 169 yards, with one touchdown and one interception.

- I’m convinced Jarret Johnson is one of the most underrated players in the NFL. He brings it on every snap, plays hurt, and is a force near the line of scrimmage. I’d love to see the veteran make a Pro Bowl one of these days, but he probably doesn’t have a high enough profile for that to happen.

- In his biggest test since tearing his ACL last training camp, Domonique Foxworth might get a passing grade, but not by much. Foxworth got beat twice, by my eye, and didn’t appear to have great recovery speed as he chased Anthony Armstrong down the sideline on Armstrong’s 33-yard reception. Foxworth will have plenty of hurdles to overcome as he works his way back to full strength, and tonight was one of them.

- Cary Williams has looked fairly strong. Jimmy Smith finally got burned. Lardarius Webb is a beast on blitzes. Those are the rest of my cornerback thoughts through 30 minutes of game action.

- Does Ray Rice have pine tar on his hands? That dude makes those one-handed catches on sharply thrown Flacco passes look far too easy.

- Torrey Smith’s disappointing training camp and preseason continue. Two more drops tonight for the rookie, including one at the end of the half on a pass that hit him right in the chest with no defender nearby.

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