Reid ready for Chiefs’ aggressive pass rush

Prior to a regular season NFL game, teams spend hours upon hours gameplanning for their opponent, studying the team’s tendencies and trying to find ways they can capitalize on the weaknesses they see on film.

If you were curious as to how much of that goes on before preseason games, you’re in luck.

I have an answer for you. Or, more accurately, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh has an answer for you.

“We don’t really prepare for much at all,” Harbaugh said. “We look at some of their blocking schemes, maybe some of the routes they run, the front they’re in, maybe some of the coverages they play. But, those are NFL fronts, NFL coverages, things that we’ve been working on throughout camp anyway - the stuff that we’re going to see in the first four weeks anyway - stuff that we’ve already been working on. So, there is no game plan at all this week.”

Rookie offensive tackle Jah Reid has a game plan of his own tonight: improve on a shaky NFL debut last week against the Eagles.

Reid, as I mentioned earlier today, has a huge opportunity to stake claim to the Ravens’ starting right tackle job tonight. After getting plenty of practice reps throughout the week, the third-round pick is eagerly anticipating his chance to make a statement against the Chiefs.

“Of course, I want to progress from the first game,” Reid said. “I want to get better. I want to be a little more in control of myself. I want to be on my checks and take care of my responsibilities a little bit more. I want to gain some experience and carry that further into the other preseason games and into the season.”

Reid has needed to serve as a sponge over the last few weeks, quickly trying to soak up information from the coaching staff. Since the Eagles game, in which Reid flashed great ability but seemed to fade down the stretch, he says he’s been trying to improve all aspects of his craft.

“My sets, my steps, all my stuff, my hands. That can all get better,” Reid said. “I’ve been working on it all week and see how much I’ve improved.

The Central Florida product will have his hands full tonight, as he’ll spend at least part of the game lining up against Chiefs outside linebacker Tamba Hali.

Hali is a 6-foot-3, 275-lb. beast, a guy who led the AFC last season with 14.5 sacks and can outplay even experienced offensive tackles.

“It’s a great challenge,” Reid said of facing Hali. “Going against competition makes you better. I’ll be able to see what I’ll really be up against later on.”

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