Suggs to Newsome: Pay Ngata his money

No surprise here, but linebacker Terrell Suggs delivered the quote of the day during today's practice.

Wouldn't be the first time, certainly won't be the last.

Here's how it went down: Early in practice, during a light positional drill, defensive tackle Haloti Ngata saw general manager Ozzie Newsome watching from a nearby shaded spot, and called out to Newsome, attempting to say hello.

Suggs heard Ngata acknowledge the Ravens' GM, and the boisterous linebacker turned toward Newsome.

"Pay the man his money!" Suggs shouted, as a handful of his defensive teammates starting laughing.

Suggs delivered the line much as John Malkovich did in the movie "Rounders", and with Suggs being a huge movie buff, it wouldn't surprise me if that was his intention.

The Ngata contract talks are a hot-button topic in the Baltimore area right now, as the Ravens would like to lock up their two-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle long-term, but are having a tough time doing so. Team owner Steve Bisciotti acknowledged as much last night in a fan forum conference call.

"I'm having a hard time giving away $60 million," Bisciotti said. "I have to leave that stuff up to Ozzie. We were restricted in the offseason, which really set us back a little bit on that. I don't ask Oz if they're close or not. I just have a feeling that things are going to work out. There's no doubt in my mind that Haloti is going to be with us. We're just trying to work out the details."

Ngata is owed $12.5 million this year under the franchise tag, and according to a ProFootballTalk report, the Ravens currently have only $2.8 million of salary cap space remaining for this season.

The hope is that the Ravens can lock Ngata up long-term, securing his services for years to come, while also clearing cap space for this season at the same time.

"I sure wish we could get a little more cap room," Bisciotti said last night. "We are up against it, and there's still some good players out there and I think there is going to be more. I think there are going to be a lot of veterans that get released, and a lot of veterans are going to want to play for a team like the Ravens for the minimum or the veteran minimum or a little more than that with some incentives.

"We still have a little room. We're still moving around a bit. We are still in the hunt for some offensive linemen and anything else that drops in our laps."

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