Tandon Doss: Pass catcher, crime stopper

Some NFL players get fired up for a game by smacking a teammate in the head.

Tandon Doss apparently does the opposite.

The Ravens' rookie wide receiver was down at the Inner Harbor early this evening before tonight's game against the Redskins when a fight broke out at Five Guys (a fantastic burger place, if you happen to be out of the loop).

According to a Baltimore Sun report, Doss saw two men, one of which police believe to have been angry about getting fired, attacking the manager with a knife.

A police spokesman said the two men ran from the restaurant but left the knife behind, according to The Sun.

Doss posted about the incident on Twitter prior to the game, and then talked to reporters about it afterwards.

"I saw somebody start fighting and I broke it up," Doss said. "That's all it was to me ... It was two dudes on one; I was just trying to help the situation out (so) I broke it up."

The 2011 fourth-round pick, who made two catches for 28 yards tonight, said that he didn't have any concerns about his own safety, and doesn't feel like his actions warrant any special treatment.

"I mean, I saw a guy on the ground bleeding, and I saw (another guy) on top of him hitting, so I just had to stop him," he said.

Asked about the incident immediately after the game, head coach John Harbaugh said that he was not aware of the details surrounding Doss' involvement, despite the wideout's posts on a popular social network.

"I'm not on Twitter," Harbaugh said. "I'll be looking into that."

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