Carr, Cody expect to play Sunday

Cornerback Chris Carr missed last week's game against the Titans because of a hamstring injury. Defensive tackle Terrence Cody left the Tennessee game because of a concussion, and did not return.

Today, both defensive players said they expect to suit up and play this Sunday against the Rams.

With Carr, last Sunday's game was the first time in the seven-year veteran's career that he had to sit out a game. The cornerback had appeared in the previous 97 contests of his career, but with his left hamstring still giving him problems, Carr had to take a seat last week.

Carr returned to practice yesterday, however, and while he was limited during Wednesday afternoon's session, he feels like he's healthy enough to get back out there against St. Louis.

"I fully expect to play Sunday," Carr said. "I feel like I'll be healthy enough to play ... (Wednesday's practice) was encouraging. I pretty much felt I'd be OK, so it was good to be out there."

It must have been tough for Carr to watch from the sidelines last week, especially given the fact that the Ravens allowed Tennessee to put up 358 yards through the air in a 26-13 Titans win. Still, Carr knew it was important to wait until he was closer to full strength before forcing himself back onto the field.

"Last week would've been pushing it," Carr said. "It's all about being smart. If I feel like I'm not going to be effective out there on the field, then I'm not going to put myself out there. So, it's trying not to be prideful because you really want to play, but trying to be smart. The same thing against Pittsburgh, when I took myself out (mid-way through the game). That was the first time for that, Tennessee was the first time I've ever missed a game, but if I feel like I can't perform like I'm usually accustomed to performing, then I'm not going to play."

Meanwhile, even though Cody missed yesterday's practice after being concussed against the Titans, the big defensive tackle said he isn't experiencing any post-concussion symptoms. In fact, Cody says he felt fine shortly after the hit, and could have returned to the field if not for the NFL's policy forcing teams to take extra precautions when it comes to concussions.

"I didn't feel nothing, I was just dizzy after that play, and after I shook that off, I felt good," Cody said. "But (with) the new rule, I couldn't go back in the game, so I had to go back inside."

Cody said he's passed his baseline test (which compares post-concussion brain function to results that players prior to the injury), and will be ready to go come Sunday.

"I'm playing," Cody said simply. "I'm feeling all better now."

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