Foxworth on injured knee: "It hurts, it sucks"

Another injury blog.

I swear I'll have some information that isn't injury related coming up here in a bit. The Ravens are just pretty banged up right now, so there are plenty of injury notes to pass along.

You know that's the case when cornerback Jimmy Smith walks by you with his injured left ankle in a walking boot one second, and wide receiver David Reed walks by you with his left shoulder in a sling not 15 seconds later.

The latest update concerns cornerback Domonique Foxworth, who has still yet to fully recover from a torn ACL which he suffered late last July.

On Monday, head coach John Harbaugh said that Foxworth is playing "very, very conservatively" because he doesn't yet trust the surgically repaired knee. Today, Foxworth agreed with Harbaugh.

"It hurts," Foxworth said. "It sucks. I had a lot of pain during camp. It's still hurting. This is where we are. ... When I'm out there I want to make plays, but when you're out there in pain, you're kind of trying not to 'F' things up. You end up playing conservatively because you don't want to let people down and you're still letting people down. So, it feels like you're in a lose-lose sometimes. You stay confident and keep fighting and do whatever's asked of me."

While he played in three preseason games (with two starts), and has appeared in both of the Ravens' regular season games, Foxworth is clearly not back near full strength. When he's played up tight on wide receivers, he hasn't shown the recovery speed to catch up to them, and when he plays off-coverage, Foxworth hasn't displayed the ability to cut and bring down receivers near the line of scrimmage.

The seven-year veteran acknowledges that his play at this point isn't where he wants it to be.

"No, not as good as I was," Foxworth said. "Towards the end of my first year here, I was playing really well and I was feeling confident. It's frustrating to not feel as good as I want to feel to make plays and have all these great players depending on you to step up and play the way they know you're capable of and not be able to do it is frustrating. That's where I am."

Harbaugh has suggested that he'd consider sitting Foxworth down if he's unable to perform at a high level, allowing him time to rest the knee and make progress in pressure-free situations. Foxworth says that if Harbaugh decides to go that route, he'll follow orders.

"It's what we go by around here," Foxworth said. "We go by whatever he thinks is best for the team. I'll continue to go by whatever he thinks is best for me on a daily basis. They pay coach Harbaugh to make those decisions and they pay me to do what he says. I'm not making any decisions. They tell me to go rehab, I go rehab. They tell me to go play, I go play. If they want me to run scout team, I'll do that."

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