Like his former teammate, Terrell Suggs "Can't wait"

Jets linebacker Bart Scott took the sports world - and the internet - by storm last postseason when he ended a fiery interview with ESPN's Sal Palentonio by shouting, "Can't wait!"

Today, Scott's trademarked phrase (yes, he got it trademarked) graced the front of a t-shirt worn by his good friend and former teammate Terrell Suggs.

Suggs came to the podium for his session with reporters having donned a purple shirt with the words wrapped in a gold chain with Scott's name in the middle.

"We all know what it means," Suggs said. "I'm personally sending a message to my brother and former mentor that I also 'Can't wait.'"

The Pro Bowl linebacker was asked if he was going to get sued for infringing on Scott's phrase.

"Probably," Suggs laughed. "You never know. You never know with 'The Mad Backer,' but it's his brand, his shirt. It's for a good cause. We can't wait either."

Turns out, that good cause is raising money for paralyzed former Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand, who was injured during a game last October. Scott said he was able to help raise $36,000, which he presented to LeGrand recently.

"I gave him a check the other day," Scott said on a conference call with Baltimore reporters. "He was excited, of course. He never thought it was going to be that much."

Scott said he made the shirt in two colors - one intended for Ravens fans in the Baltimore area, and one in Jets colors for those up north. Ravens running back Ray Rice, who went to Rutgers, helped Scott in this fundraising project, and also has one of the Baltimore "Can't wait" shirts.

It's clear from talking with guys on both teams that the rivalry between the Ravens and Jets is much different than the one the Ravens share with division rival Pittsburgh.

You get the sense that many of the players and coaches involved in this rivalry are fond of one another off the field, and look forward to playfully talking some trash and competing once the game kicks off.

"It's different than the Steelers rivalry," Rice said. "(It has the) same kind of atmosphere, but different. The Steelers are the Steelers. But, these guys were Ravens at one point. It's like fighting your brother, you know?"

"We danced this dance a little over a year ago, and I expect it to be pretty much the same," Scott said. "Friends off the field but opponents on the field. We have an obligation to ourselves and our teams to try and get a victory. It's more important to try and get a win than worrying about who played where, who coached where. It's not about that. It's about getting a much-important "W"."

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