McKinnie continues to drop weight

When Bryant McKinnie reported to Vikings camp in late July, he weighed 387 lbs.

When McKinnie showed up to Ravens headquarters after signing a two-year deal with the team two weeks ago, he said he weighed around 370 lbs.

Now, the burly left tackle says he’s down in the 360s.

“I’ve lost 10 (lbs.) since I got here, so that’s definitely helping out a lot, and (I plan to) continue to lose a few more,” McKinnie said. “I got my old college number back (78), so I’m trying to get back to my college weight.”

McKinnie says he weighed 343 lbs. back in college, so he’s got some more work to do, but this is certainly a good start. The veteran tackle’s weight was one of the main concerns teams had about him when he was released by Minnesota early in camp, and if he can keep that under control here in Baltimore, the Ravens might have gotten a steal, finding a quality left tackle late in the preseason.

As far as how McKinnie is progressing in his new offense, he says he’s picking up the scheme and is starting to feel acclimated to how the Ravens do things.

“I think I’m pretty comfortable,” McKinnie said. “At the beginning, when you’re new to something, it seems like everything is moving fast, but now everything is starting to slow down because I’m starting to get familiar with what’s going on. So, I’m going to just take this game, go out there and give it the best I can give, and then just keep growing for the next two or three weeks then I should be back to where I left off.”

Because McKinnie signed with the Ravens late in camp and didn’t suit up in the team’s preseason finale, he hasn’t stepped between the white lines since the end of last season. That’s something the 31-year-old says he’s eagerly anticipating.

“I feel pretty good, I’m just looking forward to going out here and finally playing in a game,” McKinnie said. “I haven’t played since, what, January of last season. Just real anxious to go out here and play.”

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