Rex Ryan gets the talk started (updated)

We knew it was only a matter of time until the Ravens and Jets started firing verbal shots at each other.

Not surprisingly, Jets coach Rex Ryan kicked it all off.

On a conference call with Baltimore reporters today, Ryan was asked about the fact that since he left the Ravens to take the head coaching job in New York, he has yet to beat his former team. There's not much of a sample size to work with (just a preseason game in 2009 and a 10-9 Ravens win in the regular season opener last year) but a reporter still questioned Ryan's winless record against the Ravens in his tenure with the Jets.

"Well, that's a fact," Ryan responded. "Shoot, we have played them, (and) they're 1-0 against us, so that is a fact that we have not beat them since I have been here. That's for sure. You can throw in the preseason game, too, if you want. That's exactly right.

"I will say this: We all talk about it, because look, I was there 10 years. I have a ton of friends there and the utmost respect for them and all that, but the fact of the matter is we all said we were going to meet in the AFC Championship Game. Now, we haven't won the AFC Championship Game, but we have gotten there two years in a row - the Ravens haven't. You could throw that one right back at them as well."

When a reporter followed up by saying that the Ravens have been to the postseason every year since Ryan left, the Jets head coach fired back.

"I've been to the playoffs every year," Ryan said. "I have gone to the championship game every year since I have been here as well. Who cares? This is what it is. They know that I did a great job there for 10 years. Those players did a great job for me there. They're the reason that I have been put in this position and all that.

"No matter what kind of ridiculous question it's going to be, the simple fact of the matter is that there are two pretty good football teams going at it."

In his afternoon session with reporters, Ray Lewis was informed of Ryan's comment that the Ravens had yet to meet the Jets in the AFC title game in Ryan's tenure in New York.

"The only response I can ever have for that is he was sitting in the same place I was sitting watching the Super Bowl," Lewis said. "He had to be, because he wasn't in it. That's the only thing you can ever talk about. I don't care how far you go. The ultimate goal is to feel that confetti drop. You can ask the Pittsburgh Steelers. They wouldn't be proud to go back to a Super Bowl. The bottom line is you have to win the Super Bowl when you get there.

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