The new "Suggs Package" features Suggs at fullback

Remember three years ago when the Ravens started utilizing both Joe Flacco and backup quarterback Troy Smith on the field at the same time?

At times, they'd split Flacco out wide with Smith under center, and other times, the roles would be reversed. The cluster of plays was fairly successful - with Smith even hitting Flacco for a 43-yard gain in an October game against the Raiders - and was jokingly dubbed the "Suggs Package" because linebacker Terrell Suggs had suggested during training camp that Smith, not Flacco, deserved to start at quarterback.

Well, the Ravens apparently have a new "Suggs Package", and this time, it actually incorporates the Pro Bowl linebacker as part of the offense.

Suggs said yesterday that he's being worked in as a fullback during practice, but because the 2003 first-round pick is constantly cracking jokes and messing around, it was tough to tell if he was being serious. Today, offensive coordinator Cam Cameron provided some confirmation. Suggs wasn't joking.

"No, that's something that's big in this plan," Cameron said. "We want to get as many good players out there as we can. It's his idea. He's not bashful. I guess he got tired of asking to be a tight end, so hey, we'll stick him in there at fullback and see what he thinks."

Cameron was asked what he's seen of Suggs in his reps at fullback so far.

"The same thing he's shown me when he's run back those interceptions and those fumbles," Cameron said. "The guy's a great player, period."

Yesterday, Suggs said his duties have a fullback have included some plays which get him the ball, and he compared his abilities in that capacity to LeBron James.

"Like 'King James', you get the ball in my hands, good things happen - with the exception of the (NBA) Finals," Suggs said, laughing. "It's cool. We're working on something."

Suggs isn't the first Pro Bowl defensive player that the Ravens have plugged in on offense; defensive tackle Haloti Ngata has gotten some game reps as a blocking back in goal line packages, even as recently as last Sunday against the Rams.

Ngata came in on a third down play from the St. Louis three-yard line in the second quarter, and the Ravens had it set up for Flacco to look his way in the end zone.

"I think you want to get as many of your good players (out there) as you can," Cameron said. "Obviously, there's some risk involved there. We know that. We tried to get Haloti a touchdown the other day and it didn't quite work out. They double-covered him. Go figure. They double-covered Haloti and left Vonta Leach all alone in the flat."

Who knows, Suggs might be next to have a goal line play come his way.

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