Ayanbadejo says NFL admits wrongdoing; Rice won't point fingers (updated)

The NFL admitted that its officials were wrong to eject Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo in Monday night's game against the Jaguars, Ayanbadejo says.

The veteran linebacker tweeted last night that he had gotten good news from the league, and followed by saying that he was informed he shouldn't have gotten the boot for his altercation with Jaguars offensive lineman Guy Whimper.

"The NFL said I should not have been ejected. They also said the other guy is going to be punished for hitting me 1st," Ayanbadejo wrote.

Whimper was not ejected or penalized for the incident, but according to Ayanbadejo, he might have a fine coming his way from the league.

It's unknown whether Ayanbadejo was still fined for the ejection. He told me earlier this week that he was expecting a $50,000 fine, which usually accompanies an ejection. Ayanbadejo also said he felt the officials' reaction was a bit harsh, given that incidents like his with Whimper seem to happen fairly often between the lines.

UPDATE: Ayanbadejo told me Friday afternoon that he was not fined for the incident.

"It happens all the time and most of the time, at worst, it will be a 15-yard flag," Ayanbadejo said. "It's not like there was really a fight. There was an altercation, but it's not like there was a full-blown fight where people were having to break it up and all that stuff. It was pretty minimal, but luckily for me, it didn't affect the team. The defense had to play three more plays, but luckily they didn't score a touchdown. That's the most important thing.

"At the end of the day, I've got to have a calmer head and not let someone get the best of me."

Meanwhile, since the Ravens' Monday night loss to Jacksonville still feels fresh in many ways, I wanted to pass along some words from Ray Rice. The Ravens running back was asked for his take on linebacker Terrell Suggs' comments that Rice needs to get more than the eight carries he received against the Jaguars.

"I'm going to be one of the guys that brings this offense back together," Rice said. "I'm not going to be the guy to point fingers. We're all in this together. We were all there Monday night and we know what happened - we didn't execute. That's going to be me getting more carries. Going forward, I'm positive we'll be more successful."

That's a pro, right there.

Rice said he's not stressing about his lack of carries and knows that he'll be a major part of the offensive gameplan going forward.

"(Suggs) was outspoken about it, but I definitely know that my carries will come when the offense has success," Rice said. "If we were getting first downs, I'm sure I was going to get my carries. I wasn't really too concerned with it. This week is a totally different week.

"I definitely expect to be more involved. My involvement with this offense hasn't changed since the beginning of the season, I don't want Cam and them to feel like they've got to force me the ball. I'm not that kind of guy. My carries come when the whole offense has success. I look forward to having that success."

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