Carr, Zbikowski remaining cautious with injuries

How badly does Chris Carr want to put his lingering hamstring injury behind him?

He’s bought a hyperbaric chamber for his house. Seriously.

The Ravens cornerback has been getting increasingly frustrated with his inability to shake free of his hamstring issues, and after missing the Jets game two weekends ago, he wants to make it clear that he’s rehabbing as intensely as possible.

“I know everybody’s probably asking what’s my deal and (thinking) I’m not working hard and doing things,” Carr said. “I’ve been doing everything possible to get ready. I bought a hyperbaric chamber. I sleep in that. I’m trying to do everything I can to get back on the field. It’s just been a very troubling situation, but I’ve been working hard and hopefully I’ll be back soon.”

Carr remained in the Baltimore area during the bye week, and he spent time rehabbing his hamstring at the Ravens’ facility.

Now that he’s missed two games this season because of two apparent setbacks, Carr says he isn’t willing to return to the field again until he’s confident that he’s fully healthy.

“What’s happened in the past, once I come back now, it’s going to be like, ‘OK, I’m coming back and I’m going to stay back,’ ” Carr said. “There’s going to be no indecision, like, ‘Well, I feel kinda good, I’m about 90 (percent).’ No, I’m going to make sure when I come back that I’m 100 percent, because I can’t go through this any longer.”

As I mentioned earlier, safety Tom Zbikowski returned to practice today, although he didn’t take part in full-team drills. Recovering from a concussion suffered against the Jets, the fourth-year safety has not yet been cleared for contact, but said prior to practice that he’s improving.

“Feeling better,” Zbikowski said. “Still taking it day-by-day. Going to get out there today, see how practice feels. Obviously, no contact, but just see how it feels running around and stuff.

“It’s a head injury, so can’t be messing around, but we’ll make it around game-time. Just take it day-by-day. Practice, see how it feels, see how it goes.”

Zbikowski said that having the bye week off definitely helped him get back toward full health. He spent a good bit of time in a dark room “just kind of letting my brain relax a bit”, and stayed away from TV and loud sounds.

He also says he’s still experiencing some post-concussion symptoms which are limiting his ability to participate in off-field activities.

“Just feel cloudy (and) it’s hard to concentrate a little bit, but that’s about it,” Zbikowski said. “Headaches aren’t as bad as they were, but I just want to be able to stay concentrated and I guess comprehend everything we’re doing on defense before getting cleared or making a move.”

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