Dynamic Foster held in check by Ravens' D

When the Ravens last saw Arian Foster, the Texans' running back was putting up 100 yards on just 20 carries against the Baltimore defense in a 2010 Ravens win.

Ten months later, Foster had a much tougher go of it against Ray Lewis and company.

Last year's NFL rushing leader recorded just 49 rushing yards on 15 carries today, and while he led Houston with 52 receiving yards, Foster - the Texans' go-to playmaker with Andre Johnson out - was held in check on the ground.

"We knew the challenge was going to be huge," Lewis said. "That's one of the best backs in football right now, you know, leading rusher in the NFL last year. And then dealing with that offensive line, we knew running that zone scheme, it was going to be a very hard scheme to deal with. But I think overall, our defensive line played very well. They stayed on their feet and things.

"They made a couple plays here and there, but I just think the adjustments we made at halftime all really went in our favor."

The Ravens clearly frustrated Foster, who came down hard on himself after the game, saying he played "terrible."

Baltimore's front seven did a good job of running laterally and staying with Houston's stretch-zone scheme, with defenders filling the creases and staying on their feet. The Ravens gang-tackled the third-year running back, who excels at breaking through initial contact and keeping his feet moving.

"That was big," safety Bernard Pollard said. "We take pride in the run game. We take pride in shutting down the run. That's not taking anything away from Arian, because he's a great player. He broke tackles, but I think we shortened the field for him as far as his vision and everything else. We shortened it down. We've just got to continue to grind it out, because ... our No. 1 goal is to shut down the run game."

It seems like every game Foster plays, he ends up breaking at least one long run. The running back's breakaway speed allows him to go from the line of scrimmage to the end zone in the blink of an eye, which is a large part of what makes him so dangerous.

Today, Foster's longest run was for just 16 yards, which thrilled the guys in the Baltimore locker room.

"He's a guy that can hit some home runs, so you've definitely got to contain him," linebacker Jarret Johnson said. "Their scheme and their personnel, the way they do things, it's tough to defend. So holding him to whatever he had was huge.

"They popped a couple of runs on us, but you know what? An offense like that you can take 92 yards and be happy because they can get 200 in a hurry."

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