Harbaugh offers his take on his brother's postgame incident

49ers coach Jim Harbaugh has found himself smack dab in the middle of his first NFL controversy after his postgame run-in with Lions coach Jim Schwartz yesterday.

You might have heard about it. If not, get out from under that rock from which you've been living and watch this video.

Jim_Harbaugh-Jim_Schwartz.jpgLast night, when Ravens coach John Harbaugh was asked about his brother's handshake incident, he had yet to hear about it. By the time he was questioned about it today, he had seen the footage of Jim's confrontation with Schwartz and had also been debriefed by his brother.

"I'll stay out of that," John Harbaugh said at his Monday press conference. "I can just tell you this: I think I know who was right, but whoever was right or wrong, I know whose side I was on. I'm definitely taking sides. Same side I'm always taking."

John, a fourth-year coach, has a bit more experience handling postgame handshakes as a head coach than his brother, who is in his first season as an NFL head man. That doesn't mean he'll be offering any advice to Jim on that front, however.

"I guess right now, he's 5-1," Harbaugh said. "If the biggest lesson he has now is how to shake hands postgame after a victory, he's doing OK."

With the Ravens now preparing for a game at Jacksonville a week from today, Harbaugh was asked by a reporter how he feels that his team yet again has to travel on the road for a Monday night game, while they haven't hosted a Monday night contest since Dec. 3, 2007 against the Patriots - the infamous Bart Scott flag throwing game.

"Aren't we in enough controversy, the family, right now?" Harbaugh responded with a laugh.

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