Harbaugh on red zone offense: "We're not good enough down there yet"

So far this season, the Ravens rank fifth in the league in scoring, putting up an average of 29.6 points per contest.

Think about the numbers they could be posting if their red zone offense wasn't so brutal.

The Ravens are scoring touchdowns just 36.8 percent of the time that they cross the opposing team's 20-yard line, a number which puts them 29th in the NFL when it comes to red zone percentage.

In yesterday's 29-14 win over the Texans, Baltimore's offense reached the end zone on two of their four red zone opportunities, but they had plenty more chances to cash in on solid drives. Of their eight trips inside the Houston 30, the Ravens got just those two touchdowns and relied on kicker Billy Cundiff to come through with five field goals.

"We've got to get better in the red zone," head coach John Harbaugh said today. "We're happy with the field goals, but we're not happy with the fact they weren't touchdowns down there those other times. That's something we have to do better with.

"We're not good enough down there yet. We haven't really been that spectacular down there all year. It's an area we have to get better at. We'll just keep working it, keep coming up with schemes, but really, it comes down to executing the things we do a little bit better down there."

Both of the Ravens' touchdowns yesterday came on the ground, with quarterback Joe Flacco and running back Ricky Williams reaching paydirt on running plays. But overall, the Ravens have struggled to run the ball in the red zone this season, and those issues showed against the Texans.

Yesterday, the Ravens had just nine rushing yards on nine red zone carries. I'm no math major, but I believe that comes out to just one yard per carry. Only four of those nine runs gained positive yardage, while the Ravens lost ground on two carries and were held to no gain on the other three tries.

Harbaugh talked specifically about the Ravens' red zone issues yesterday, but he also complimented Flacco for staying poised in the passing game and not turning the ball over by trying to force something through the air.

"We couldn't run the ball down there. That hurt us," Harbaugh said. "You love to be able to run the ball down there a little bit. The field gets a little narrower for the passing game. We had a nice screen pass where a guy made a nice play out there on Anquan (Boldin), and they had a lot of coverage in the end zone. We got to the 10, 15-yard line and the routes we tried to throw into the end zone were defended. I thought Joe made good decisions not throwing the ball into those coverages, because they probably would have been interceptions."

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