Lee Evans says injured ankle has "made a ton of progress"

Wide receiver Lee Evans appears poised to miss his fifth straight game this Sunday because of a left ankle injury, but the eight-year veteran seems happy with the recent strides he's made in his rehabilitation process.

Evans did not practice again yesterday, but he says he's continuing to see improvements in the injured ankle.

"I'm just feeling a little better, so it's just opening up opportunities to do more," Evans said. "That's just where we're at now. It's a lot better than it had been at any point really since the Pittsburgh game. So, that's positive.

"It's just kind of getting over this last little hump. We've made a ton of progress and it's just a little bit more to go. It's kind of like when you're trying to lose 20 pounds, the last five is the hardest. So right now, we're just trying to lose that last five."

Evans says there's still a little bit of soreness in the ankle, but that's one area where he's noticed improvement.

"It's not as great as it was," Evans said. "It's minimal. So that's positive. Hopefully within the next coming weeks, we can get out there and put this behind us."

As you can tell by reading that last sentence, Evans doesn't expect to play this Sunday against the Cardinals. In all likelihood, because of the lengthy period of time he's missed, the Ravens would want him to have a handful of practices under his belt before returning to game action.

Evans technically didn't rule himself out for Sunday, but seems focused on the big picture.

"I'm not going to really speak to this week, I just know that right now, it feels a lot better than it has." Evans said. "As we go along, we'll determine what we need to determine, but really, it's about the long-term, and I think everybody knows that. Knowing that when we come back, it's really go-time and we can't have any setbacks.

"Obviously, I'd like to be back as soon as possible, but that's probably not the smartest thing to do. The best thing to do is just to be as smart as we can with it, and when it's ready to go, we'll go."

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