Mason mixes it up in his return to Baltimore

The Ravens were well aware of Derrick Mason's penchant for talking trash during a game.

After all, they saw it up close for six years during Mason's tenure in Baltimore.

Yesterday, they were on the other side of the veteran wide receiver's yapping in Mason's first game back at M&T Bank Stadium since being released by the Ravens in July. And no one was surprised to see the 36-year-old mix it up with a few members of the Baltimore defense.

Mason's first target was cornerback Cary Williams, as the two got locked up following a couple plays and had to be separated by officials. Williams appeared pretty heated during the main altercation with Mason, but downplayed the incident after the game.

"It was nothing, it was just two competitors getting after each other," Williams said. "It wasn't no hard feelings or anything like that. Words were exchanged, but it's all in competition, that's all it is. I love Mase. Mase taught me so many things when he was here, and I think he's a good guy, great teammate. Despite the fact that he's an older guy, he still looks good."

Outside linebacker Paul Kruger was next to get into it with Mason, as the two former teammates delivered a couple shoves during the third quarter after Kruger wrestled Mason to the ground a yard short of a first down.

"You know, that kind of stuff just happens during a game," Kruger said. "A little talking and pushing and shoving, that just comes with the heat of the game. He might not have liked the way I tackled him or whatever, but it's over now. It was just one of those things."

Kruger looked like he got in an extra shot on Mason as the two men were being split up by teammates, which had Mason questioning the linebacker's intentions afterwards.

"It is what it is - it's football," Mason said. "I wish I had the opportunity to talk to him afterwards and ask him why he did that. I am only 150 pounds, and he is about 300, and he pushed me at the end. But, it's football, and I like it that way. He is a good guy, and I have known him for the six years that I was around. I don't take it personally. What happens between the lines, stays between the lines. When it is over with, they are back to being buddies again."

Mason ended up leading the Jets with 37 receiving yards on the game, but he was only targeted three times by quarterback Mark Sanchez. Booed heavily by the crowd after making his first catch of the game, Mason said he didn't feel any extra emotion during the game, but admitted it was nice being back in Charm City and squaring off against his former mates.

"Once the ball was kicked off, I was good," Mason said. "But, after the game, seeing a couple of guys that I had good relationships with, that was somewhat emotional. You can't really get into it with the outcome of the game and everything, so we were just trying to get back in the locker room as quickly as possible. But, I have guys over there that I consider family. It's kind of bittersweet to come back. You kind of miss the place, but you have a job to do. For us, we didn't get the job done today."

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